Our mission is to help every BODY discover the all natural health benefits of tart cherry powder. But, as athletes, we also want to do everything we can to support the journey of every athlete reaching and striving for excellence. That’s why we’ve created a brand partner program that helps NCAA and professional athletes make money AS athletes. The hardest choice many athletes face is whether to continue to pursue their dream or get a job. We believe that athletes should have the freedom to fully commit to their sport. We believe that athletes should pursue their dreams as long as they can. That’s why we’ve created our P2+ Brand Partner Program. For every can of P2+ that you buy through one of our P2+ athletes, whether from their social media accounts or this P2+ website, they get paid. So, help one of our P2+ athletes by buying your P2+ from them. You’ll be helping them focus on their passion and who knows, maybe even win a national title or olympic medal :-)

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